Why Annual Giving Matters

We will be more interested in mathematical modeling than in being models

Imagine a new generation of young women finding science, technology, engineering and math as interesting as make up and music! It's happening at RIT.

Making math and science exciting to young women can be a challenge, but thanks to gifts from alumni and company sponsors, we're building exciting STEM experiences for middle school girls and in the process, launching a new generation of leaders in science, engineering, and math.

Just look at the SMASH Experience in the College of Science to see how these work. Summer Math Applications in Science with Hands-on Experience for Girls, or SMASH, is co-hosted by RIT's College of Science, Women in Science, and the Center for Advancing Science/Math Teaching, Learning & Evaluation or CASTLE. SMASH's first offering gave 26 incoming eighth-graders an innovative, fast-paced introduction to the importance of mathematical modeling.

Click here to watch their experience.

RIT is deeply involved in efforts to build diversity in the STEM workforce. This is an important issue for society and for the U.S. as we face increasing pressure from international competitors. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women hold only 24 percent of the STEM jobs in the country, although they hold 48 percent of all U.S. jobs. Women receive only 20 percent of bachelor's degrees in physics, engineering, and computer science awarded in the U.S. This shortfall in prospective STEM graduates limits the available resources for the new technology innovation in the U.S.

Many of RIT's summer K-12 STEM programs strive to interest middle school girls to STEM fields before they make high school curriculum decisions that will determine their college direction. Click here to see a robust sortable listing of RIT summer camps that are building STEM skills, as well as career interests in K-12 students.

You can support these much needed and highly valuable STEM experiences in several ways:

  • Become a lead or support sponsor for a camp
  • Provide scholarships to girls wishing to attend
  • Give support to the faculty members planning and hosting the camps

Click here to download the information sheet for the details, or contact RIT's Office of Development for opportunities to introduce young women to the exciting world of STEM.