Why Annual Giving Matters

Who cares about the Fund for RIT?

In recent surveys, MOST RIT alumni say they care about the annual fund.

Supporting the Fund for RIT, the university's annual giving program, is the best way for you to show your Tiger Pride and an important way to ensure the continued excellence of an RIT education. Now, more than ever in RIT's history, your support is critical to the future success of the university. But, while the national average for alumni who support their alma maters is 16%, the percentage of RIT alumni who gave to their alma mater is well below that at just under 7%.

So who cares about the annual fund? In recent alumni attitude surveys, most RIT alumni say they care about the annual fund. Well, sort of.

You see, most RIT alumni say you appreciate the great education you received, and that you care very much about the quality of education at RIT. You care a lot about your faculty members, and how well your university is perceived in your industries. And you care about the student clubs, athletic teams, and campus groups that were so important to you as a student.

So really, most RIT alumni DO care about the annual fund.

Because the annual Fund for RIT campaign supports all of these things.

In fact, the Fund for RIT supports almost every area of RIT: all nine colleges, most academic programs, student life, research and innovation programs, and much, much more. And the annual fund helps RIT continue to provide a great education and a great environment for all students.

Students return to campus in just a few short weeks but our annual giving campaign has already begun. Why? Because the annual campaign helps to address the gap between tuition and other sources of income to the university and the actual cost to operate RIT. But what the Fund for RIT really does is:

  • Provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to students each year
  • Give tens of thousands of dollars to faculty members to help meet their teaching needs
  • Support intramural and intercollegiate athletic teams through thousands of dollars for travel, equipment, and playing surface care
  • Provide thousands of dollars in support to student clubs across campus
  • Help students who want to study abroad through gifts to cover their travel costs
  • Give thousands of dollars to departments across campus to pay for new equipment in labs and new teaching materials in classrooms

Soon, you will receive your alumni mail or phone appeal from the Fund for RIT. We need your help to reach a very big goal, but most importantly, we need your help to ensure the future for our career-focused university and our students.

Make your gift to support RIT this year ยป