Why Annual Giving Matters

You can get us over the GAP!

February is a month of special days – Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Presidents' Day, winter breaks and more. At RIT, GAP Day is a special day on campus in late February each year. We don't celebrate it. We don't even publicize it. But maybe we should.

For most universities, there is a shortfall between tuition received and the total funding needed to cover all operations. At RIT, that means that if we apportion the tuition dollars received each year out on a weekly basis to cover operations, we would run out of money to run the university in mid to late February! That's our "GAP Day" – when we must officially depend on funding other than tuition to pay for our daily operations.

Getting over that GAP requires a number of additional revenue streams. For most universities, the most important of these is financial support from their alumni body – their annual fund appeal. At RIT, however, our alumni gifts account for just under seven percent of our total operating budget – $4.7 million last year.

As an RIT alumnus, you have the potential to make a huge difference at your school without much effort at all. Six percent of RIT alumni made a gift last year. If that percentage were to rise to 10% – or 11,400 people, at the same average gift rate, the university would have an additional $2.2 million dollars to spend on things that really matter – like scholarships for students, new equipment for labs, funding for student projects, or study abroad travel costs for students!

Year after year, RIT alumni say that the choice to attend this university was a great one. But making it possible for future generations to attend requires that we all come together as one RIT community and support the Fund for RIT. Your gift can make great things happen at RIT.

Fund for RIT gifts to scholarships accounted for more than $1.8 million last year, with most of those gifts going to funds available to students from any area of the university.

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