I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

Alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and students know the value of an RIT education. Giving back to the university gives them a chance to show how much they care about RIT and ensure its continued success.

Sarah Exley

Sarah Exley '08
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because I stand behind RIT and its future! As a student, I poured so much of myself into my education, athletics and activities – all supported by alumni who came before me. I graduated feeling encouraged to make the world a better place. When we work together by giving back, RIT can achieve even greater things!

Mehlam Kalverts

Mehlam Kalverts '09
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because I see it as an investment to enhance the value of my degree from RIT in the future. It also helps me feel connected having moved so far away from the area.


Kate '10 and Ken '10 Williams
We care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because it creates an opportunity for us to give back to an institution that has given us so much. Not only do we value the education we received, but we are very grateful for the relationships we built with our faculty and peers, and with one another. We met while pursuing our master's degrees at Saunders College of Business, and were married three years later. RIT will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we are happy that our contribution to the annual fund helps make the RIT experience possible for future generations.

Nivi Mathanagopalan

Nivi Mathanagopalan '11 '13
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because it gives students the opportunity to join student organizations and become leaders!

Ryan Caraboolad

Ryan Caraboolad '12
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because giving back to the incredible RIT community, that helps you develop and achieve so much in such a short period of time, is the best way to ensure that such a great institution perseveres through all its endeavors and continues to give its students what they deserve – a proper higher education to prepare them for the future and all their personal endeavors.

Jim Bonaventura (Parent of

Jim Bonaventura (Parent of '09 grad)
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because as the son of an RIT graduate and the father of one, I understand the intrinsic value of an RIT education. A top notch education and first class preparation for making a difference in the post graduate world. My wife and I have seen first-hand how hard work in the classroom and the RIT co-op program can create marvelous opportunities for any student. In addition, our son was a student athlete while an undergrad, and the time, effort, travel, and commitment we saw each of those young men and women exhibit was inspiring. Go Tigers!

Morgan Tucker

Morgan Tucker '09
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because RIT has given me so many opportunities in my time as a student, an alum, and an employee. I loved my time as a student at RIT and I love continuing my career on campus as an interpreter. I want current students to be able to have as many exciting academic, extracurricular, and social experiences as possible. When I give to RIT, I'm giving students the opportunities and experiences that made and continue to make my time at RIT so rewarding!

Erica Cymerman

Erica Cymerman '11
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

I have had and continue to have a very rewarding partnership with RIT and I am pleased to be able to support the University; which truly directed the path my life has taken since I was a freshman in 2007. I've met a variety of very different people, and have made some lifelong friends! I give to RIT because of the experience the University provides for me. Being a recent alum and current employee of RIT is a memorable experience and I continue to be impressed with RIT's expansion, both in buildings and programs. I was lucky to receive a lot of aid to support me through my studies and I remain thankful for the impact it had on my ability to succeed. I know that my gifts to RIT are impacting students in many ways.

Michelle DeFiore

Michelle DeFiore '11
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because it was my home for 4 years. The experiences and memories from RIT changed my life, and I treasure every moment I spent there. I want every student who walks on the Quarter Mile after me to have the same opportunities I did and more.

Dave Mullaney

Dave Mullaney '12
I care about the annual Fund for RIT…

because I remember as a student the profound affect that positive interactions with RIT alumni had on me