Seeking Foundation Support

We offer a one-hour presentation through the Center for Professional Development (CPD) that includes an overview of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and an introduction to the Foundation Directory Online. You may also schedule a special session for your college or department by contacting Nancy Bears.

What is a private foundation?
Private foundations are non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations which provide financial support to other entities that further the foundation's specified mission. They are established by individuals, families, or groups of individuals.

What is a corporate foundation?

A private foundation or public charity that is affiliated with a corporation. A corporate foundation is a separate legal entity from its parent company and receives most of its funding from the corporation.

What is a government foundation?

Government foundations are established and managed by government agencies. If you are seeking support from a government agency, please contact Sponsored Research.

Private foundations are required by law to distribute at least 5% of their assets every year. Foundations MUST give money away! If your work aligns closely with the mission of a foundation, you actually will be helping them to do their work by making a grant request.

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
Equally important to matching the foundation's mission is developing a strong relationship with the foundation. This is where Foundation Relations is your greatest ally. Over many years, we have developed such relationships with foundation presidents, board members, and program directors. We are ready to leverage these on your behalf.

The First Step
If you plan to seek private foundation support, it is important that you first meet with a Foundation Relations officer. Our experience, relationships with key contacts, and knowledge of RIT's history with the foundation will work to your advantage. Please call Nancy Bears at 5-7769 to make an appointment.

There are a number of private foundations that are important to the university as a whole and thus reserved for RIT's highest priorities. Those include: