“I’ve Had So Many Awesome Opportunities from RIT. I Feel So Blessed.”

When Emily Sanseverino was making decisions about where she wanted to go to college, it wasn’t a difficult process. “The minute I stepped on the RIT campus I just knew this is where I wanted to be.”

What was difficult was finding a way to afford the cost of tuition.

The first person in her family to attend college, Emily is on her own when it comes to paying the tuition bills and obtaining student loans. While they’d like to, her family is not in the position to help. Thankfully her dream school also has generous donors supporting scholarships for students like her.

“For me, getting a scholarship or not getting a scholarship means getting a degree versus not getting a degree.”

Emily is a third year Biomedical Engineering student pursuing a diverse set of passions, all of which are set to change the world of medical care. She has already managed RIT’s e-NABLE lab, helping to create prosthetic limbs for children using 3-D print technology, and hopes to work with regenerative medicine in the future.

Emily credits her university for opening up experiences for her she wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, like a coveted co-op in Research and Development at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

“I’ve had so many awesome opportunities from RIT. I feel blessed.” She adds, “RIT provides not just my education, but the confidence to apply my education. I receive so much support and attention that I don’t think you get just anywhere.”

Emily’s message to those generous donors helping her pursue her dreams: “Giving the smallest amount makes the biggest difference. It can mean passionate students can stay in their programs. Even though a gift may seem small to you, it has the power to affect so many people’s education and lives.”

To help provide scholarships to RIT students like Emily, please make a gift today.