Matching Gift — Double (or Triple) your gift

Matching Gift programs are provided as an employee benefit at many companies in the United States. These programs vary as to the amount matched, but generally offer a dollar-for-dollar match when an employee makes a personal gift to a nonprofit organization. Every year, hundreds of companies help support RIT through this generous program.

At RIT, you receive credit for both your gift and the matching gift amount.

To find out if your company (or your spouse's or partner's) offers a matching gift program, search the online matching gift company list. You can search by company or subsidiary name and find out matching ratios, company contacts, and other pertinent information. Check directly with your human resources or matching gift department to find out how your company handles matching gifts.

AND, if your spouse or partner also works for a matching gift company, you may be able to TRIPLE the value of your gift!

Richard J. Morrison, Jr.

Richard J. Morrison, Jr. '09
Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Nathaniel Rochester Society

"I have been blessed to be where I am in life because of the valuable investments people have made in me. It is the people we meet and the lessons we learn that help shape our experiences and prepare us for the future. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Mu Sigma chapter at RIT gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helped me create my path to success. It is with great responsibility and pleasure that I give back to the family that has helped me become the man that I am. I was excited to find out that my employer Cisco Systems had a Gift Matching program that allowed me to double what I was able to give to RIT and Alpha Phi Alpha."

Ron Dufort

Ron Dufort '99
Design/Integration Engineer
Global Product Development Group, Xerox Corporation

"By using the Gift Matching program at Xerox, I double what I give to RIT. I like that my company is helping my alma mater. And I especially like that Xerox's matching dollars go to the same fund I support-the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. It's so easy. I fill out a form, send it to HR and I double the impact of my contribution."