NRS Members Spotlight

Amy Johnson ’92 and Glen Dragon ’02, ’11

Amy Johnson ’92 and Glen Dragon ’02, ’11

“We are both incredibly grateful for our education and the opportunities we’ve had because of RIT,” says Amy Johnson and Glen Dragon. Those opportunities include professional and social activities, and even their own relationship. The couple attended RIT at different times, but met through shared RIT alumni friends. 

Amy came to RIT as a transfer student and right away found RIT helpful in making her studies possible. RIT worked with her to put together a financial package to meet her needs so she could make the change from her former school. She also changed her major from Interior to Industrial Design, and found RIT’s summer program was a big help in getting her going in the new degree program. “They really made the transition as a transfer student smooth, which was a big help in setting me up for success,” she says.

Glen, like many RIT alumni, found the co-op program a huge asset. His final co-op led to a full-time position, with the offer being made only a week into the job. “I enjoy a position in the line of work I came to RIT to pursue and have successfully grown in my role with the same employer over the 15 years since then,” says Glen.

Years after graduating, Amy and Glen stay connected to RIT in a number of ways. Amy volunteers in several areas. Sharing her positive, successful experience at RIT along with her professional success and personal relationships allows her to give back and promote the reputation of her education. Additionally, she makes philanthropic gifts because she recognizes that she was able to make the transfer to RIT because individuals and organizations supported her through grants and scholarships. 

For Glen, it’s a little different. “My wife thinks it’s cool and it’s important to her,” he says. Beyond that, however, he says that Amy has helped him understand what receiving a scholarship really meant to her as a student.

The couple supports a wide range of initiatives at RIT. “We are all over the map!” says Amy. They support their respective colleges and programs, as well as other degree programs they’ve been attracted to, or influenced by, such as CAST & Packaging Science. “I spent 20+ years in the packaging industry,” says Amy. “Then, Saunders College came to me after being asked to speak to a group of students there about my packaging career, so I found things in the business college that were valuable.” Amy also listened to WITR when she first moved back to Rochester in 2008. They both love the hockey program more now being back in the area and are happy to support its growth.

“We might learn about a club at Imagine RIT, see something new at Brick City Homecoming, or read about a new program in the University Magazine,” says Glen. “Recently, we’ve been very excited by the Alumni House and what that will bring to us as alumni who visit campus frequently.”

Where ever they direct gifts, they know they are helping perpetuate programs, draw talented faculty and students, and in many cases providing students with the financial relief needed to pursue their talents and interests.

Amy says, “I can’t ever see a time when we’re not a part of the RIT community. We’re given the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways that are meaningful to us. We enjoy coming on campus for Brick City, hockey, NRS events, gallery exhibits, speakers and concerts or other live performances. We’ve made great connections and friendships with a number of staff members across campus, and I have made great friends I met on campus since moving back to the area. In fact, having RIT in common was part of the conversation Glen & I enjoyed on the night we met at the home of other RIT alumni friends. Even if we’re no longer in the Rochester area we will stay connected through the many ways RIT offers.” 

Enid Cardinal

Enid Cardinal
Recipients of the 20th annual Rochester Business Journal Forty Under 40 awards

We are proud to announce that one of our own here at RIT and a proud NRS member has been selected as one of the Rochester Business Journal's Forty under 40. 

The honorees are professionals younger than 40 who demonstrate leadership in the workplace and in the community. 

RIT appointed Enid Cardinal senior sustainability advisor for the university in 2011. Cardinal is a LEED-accredited professional with a background in socially responsible investing and environmental policy. 

Cardinal previously served as director of the Office of Sustainability at Illinois State University. She worked to infuse a culture of sustainability at ISU that included a reduction of office paper use, waste reduction and food scrap composting in dining services, installation of permeable parking surfaces, ride sharing and an assessment of hand-drying options. Prior to ISU, she held positions as an independent consultant, social analyst and a project controller. A native of Baldwinsville, N.Y., Cardinal earned a master¹s degree in environmental policy from Bard College and a bachelor¹s degree in biology and history from Binghamton University.