Areas of Support - Endowment

Endowment is support for the life of the university. Through a healthy endowment, RIT has a greater ability to address all expenses, planned and unforeseen, and provides the university greater flexibility in launching new projects or initiatives, as well as in providing greater support to faculty and students.

While the endowment is managed as a pool of funds, it is comprised of individual endowed funds supporting specific needs. So, you as the donor sets the criteria for how income from your endowed fund may be spent.

Why give to the endowment?
Your gift to endowment will allow us to realize the full potential of this innovation university because it is an investment in intellectual and financial sustainability. While RIT's endowment has grown in recent years, the total income from the endowment still falls well short of our peer universities. When recruiting the best faculty and students, the size of our endowment puts us at a competitive disadvantage. Peer institutions have four or five times the amount of endowed funding per full-time student than does RIT.

The impact of your gift to endowment is tremendous. Giving to the endowment ensures that RIT will continue to be the hub of innovation and creativity and that vibrant community teeming with students collaborating with experts and specialists-the launching pad for brilliant careers and a highly unique state of mind.