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Thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends give each year.

Your gift, large or small, supports RIT's community of doers. Our students, faculty and staff are known for innovation and creativity, and RIT is a place where things happen - where solutions are born and impact the world.

Without your gift, our students' great ideas can't become great solutions.

Make your gift today.

Your Gift Matters

Your gift increases the value of your degree

Your gift increases the value of your degree

A highly-ranked university is generally more respected in professional fields. Making your gift will help to increase RIT's rankings which helps you when you proudly announce you are an RIT alumnus/a.

Annual reviews of the "best" colleges/universities consider alumni giving as a demonstration of alumni satisfaction with the institution, so the percentage of alumni who give is a key component of the national rankings. RIT ranks high in all other components except alumni giving.

The national average of alumni who give at private colleges and universities is 13 percent. RIT's alumni giving rate is only 7 percent.

Yes, RIT's alumni participation in giving is just over half the national average.

Through increased alumni giving, RIT's ranking will rise, and your degree will have greater recognition in your career field.

Your gift will help RIT remain competitive

Your gift will help RIT remain competitive

Did you know that today's RIT students also apply to MIT, Cornell, Case Western, and Carnegie Mellon, just to name a few. These prestigious universities are RIT's competitors. Yet when it comes to the funding RIT offers per student, we trail our peers. For every dollar RIT spends per student, Carnegie Mellon has $1.93, Case Western has $4.10, Cornell has $4.95 and MIT can spend $20.06. And that makes a huge difference in academic quality and overall student experience.

Your gift will help RIT to continue to provide an outstanding, leading-edge education to students, and be viewed favorably against this impressive grouping of peer universities.

RIT is your university

RIT is your university

You and the thousands of RIT alumni, family members, and friends, can make a tremendous difference at RIT.

When RIT was a smaller, regional university, it was heavily supported by local businesses and small corporations which benefited from a highly educated workforce. Today, that landscape has changed. While RIT still receives support from a wide range of generous corporations and foundations, the level of support has not kept pace with the growth of the university or the increase in operating costs. More than that, support has not kept paced with the demand for student financial aid. Today, more than 75 percent of students attending RIT require financial aid to pay for tuition and expenses, and co-op salaries, on average, do not cover even a semester of study.

RIT alumni, parents, and friends have the ability to make a huge impact on this great university – starting with YOU!