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Bern's Closet

Bernadette “Bern” DiMaggio Lynch was a woman of faith, strength, laughter and was always willing to help anyone, especially by supporting her students at RIT. They adored her positive spirit and outlook on life. Bern always immersed herself into understanding the needs of students, so when there was a gap in services for first generation college students, Bern created and launched the I’m First program with her team. Among her many legacies in the community, she was recognized with the renaming of the bi-annual career clothing drive, now named Bern’s Closet. In addition, to recognize Bern’s passion and commitment to helping students, the Bernadette Lynch Endowed Student Support Fund was also created by her RIT friends from Student Affairs and Student Auxiliary Services.

In that spirit, Bern’s Closet continues to offer students much needed clothing items, generously donated by RIT staff, faculty and Greater Rochester community members. Bern’s Closet’s goal is for students to leave with an ensemble or items to spruce-up something they already own, at no cost to utilize and keep for the Career Fair and beyond.

The Division for Diversity & Inclusion is committed to offering students on campus with a winning look for the RIT Career Fair, so we’ll be collecting items year-round.


Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS)

Student Alumni Union, Second Floor, Suite 2300

Contact: 475-3001


113 Riverknoll (RIT FoodShare location)

Contact: 475-6333


Student Alumni Union, Room 2510

Contact: 475-6444


Bern's Closet will be open year round at the RIT FoodShare location and the Division of Diversity & Inclusion will continue to host two Bern's Closet events yearly around the RIT Career Fair!