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Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program

RIT’s CSTEP office works to support historically underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged undergraduate and graduate students towards their educational and vocational goals. The focus of the program is to equalize the playing field allowing students the opportunity to participate to the fullest in the college experience.


Increase the number of students from under-represented groups who are pursuing professional licensure and careers in mathematics, science, technology and health-related fields. For a list of Professions Licensed, Registered, or Certified by the Board of Regents please visit the Office of Professions at


To engage and support CSTEP eligible students towards graduation, professional goals, and personal strengths.


While students are encouraged to engage with the full range of services and opportunities at RIT, the CSTEP program offers a number of additional activities to benefit students including; tutoring, textbooks, research funds, professional development activities, workshops and travel funds.  For more information, please email

Academic Awards

CSTEP scholars is an organization for all those who earn a 3.0 GPA or higher.  This group is by invitation only and certificates are given each semester.

Professional Development

CSTEP has a strong focus on the transition to the workplace, with workshops on financial planning, resume and interview prep, guidance on professional skills and pre-professional developmental activities.


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