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Diversity Education Virtual Offerings

Diversity Education Online Offerings 

Below please find a full menu of the diversity education online programs.


Scheduled as needed. 

Missing your coffee, tea or tasty treat meetings? Then head to your kitchen and consider a 1-on-1 or small group consultation hour with our Director of Diversity Education. Use this time to brainstorm ways a course, program or work environment can be more inclusive and equitable. 

Interested? Email Dr. Taj Smith

What's Your Diversity?

1 Hour Weekly. Limited to 20 people each week.

Join Employees Nicole Scott and Taj Smith as they host a storytelling and dialogue hour! On Wednesdays from 1pm - 2pm via Zoom, RIT employees share how diversity impacts their lives. Q&A to follow. 


Breaking Bread

6 meetings. Program runs from May 4 - June 9. Register by April 28.

During a crisis, it's important we stay in relationships with each other. Fear has a way of bringing out our prejudices. Using your preferred video tech and assigned prompts, you will engage your differences and find solidarity in your commonalities with someone different than you. 

To learn more about the Breaking Bread Program, take a listen to feature on RIT Intersections Podcast here. Hear directly from Dr. Taj Smith and Stephanie Rankin about her participation in the program.


Inclusive Hiring Training

75 Minutes. Dates offered: April 1 at 11AM, April 8 at 10AM and April 22 at 10AM.

This is an opportunity to learn some best practices when it comes to hiring a diverse workforce. We will use BlueJeans video conferencing to review a PowerPoint Presentation. 


Cultural Humility Certificate Program

2 hours per workshop. For an update regarding previously scheduled workshops and details on how online workshops will work see column on the right.

To receive certificate, participants must enroll and complete the workshops above plus electives which are available starting Fall 2020.

Note: #4 rotates with a new workshop on a yearly basis.

Teaching Circle: Inclusive Pedagogy

8 weeks. Date range to complete May 12 - June 30. 

Completing at your own pace via MyCourses, faculty and teaching staff will learn and discuss best practices for creating an inclusive learning environment for a diverse student population.



Previously scheduled in-person workshops will move online via Zoom and/or MyCourses. They will continue on original date and time. If that time no longer works for you, please unenroll and search for availability in another section of the workshop. New registrants should sign up via Talent Roadmap and search under "cultural humility" and click on "instructor-led" located on the left-side tab. 

All workshops (new and old) will be facilitated through RIT's MyCourses and/or Zoom. If your wi-fi is reliable and you prefer to engage live then you will use Zoom. In other words, the facilitator will conduct the presentation by voicing and reviewing PowerPoint in real-time. If you lack a strong internet connection for video or have a learning disability that limits your ability to participate online then you may use MyCourses. We will have ASL interpreter services for Zoom. We will not have ASL interpreting services for MyCourses because it doesn't require hearing abilities, its not live and is learning at your own pace within a two hour time frame. MyCourses will consist of reading through the PowerPoint, downloading supplemental materials and completing self and limited group activities through typing. 

Once registered, Dr. Taj Smith will send an email about a week before the workshop to each participant to ask for their preference. You will be given access thereafter. 

Requests for ASL interpreters can be submitted at​


Note: Interpreters not needed for offerings using MyCourses.