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Diversity Theater Program

  • Diversity Theater Program
  • Diversity Theater Program
  • Diversity Theater Program
  • Diversity Theater Program

RIT Diversity Theater presents interactive learning workshops using theater and theatrical techniques to engage participants in meaningful experiences within the context of diversity and inclusion education.


Diversity Theater at RIT strives to present the complexities and insights into the nature of diversity within a global context to the RIT community.


  • To expose the RIT community to discerning diversity issues regarding changing populations in the RIT community, their respective careers and the world.
  • To use theater, film and performing arts as a vehicle to educate, motivate and address sociological, psychological and cultural diversity issues that can enhance the community’s capacity to recognize the most basic and common elements of humanity that bind us together.
  • To help participants elevate their level of thinking regarding the complexities of diversity issues, social justice and community standards.
  • To foster positive changes.


Examples of Diversity Theater RIT Interactive Workshops:

Photograph 51

A reading of Anna Zeigler’s pivotal play Photograph 51 about Rosalind Franklin’s discovery of DNA in the 1950’s.

One Class, Many Stories

The sharing of student diversity stories from the incoming freshman class followed by small group discussions.

Unconscious Bias Play

Playback theatre presentation and small group discussions of unconscious bias awareness for the College of Science new student orientation.

Can You Imagine

Interactive movement to the Imagine RIT themed song “Can You Imagine” with the band Resonant Freq’s.

Brick Walls

A Reader’s theater presentation. The story of Elza “Bud” Cannaday, the first licensed and bonded African American contractor in Cleveland, Ohio.  A story of perseverance, transcendence, and family values in the 1930’s.




    Tina Chapman DaCosta

    Tina Chapman DaCosta
    Diversity Theatre Program Developer

    Who can join us?

    Everyone is welcome!  We are open to all RIT faculty, staff, students and community members who are willing to help, create, develop and promote Diversity Theater workshops. 

    Diversity Theatre welcomes a variety of skills and members:

    Actors, writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, marketing team, communications team, stage managers, assistant directors and supporters.