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Global Leadership

The goal of the Global Leadership Certificate Program is to give students the opportunity to learn about important leadership skills and provide experiential education opportunities for students to practice these skills and apply them.

The certificate program can help set the foundations for the workplace where you will work with people from around the world. As you become a leader, these are all value added skills that will assist you in your personal growth and future.

The Global Leadership Certificate Program is divided into three components; mentoring, global awareness and leadership:

  • The mentoring component is an opportunity for an upper-class student to become a mentor to a fellow student. A professional mentor will work with both students on a regular basis throughout the program.
  • The global awareness component will provide a thoroughly enriching dialogue regarding race and ethnicity, which are both social constructs. An additional significance of the certificate is the pairing across ethnicities. This pairing provides an opportunity to learn and study with another student from a cultural background and experience that is different from your own.

Leadership Workshops and Round Table Lunch Discussions will provide an opportunity to more fully explore global leadership related topics.


Sandra Whitmore

Sandra Whitmore
Senior Director of Operations 

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