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Transfer Eligibility and Application Process

Transfer applicants must have been in an approved opportunity program funded under Section 6451 or 6452 (HEOP, EOP, SEEK, College Discovery) of the New York State Education Law.

*Admission to RIT as a transfer student is on a space available basis. In general, we tend to be overenrolled. There may be a space available but we may not know until very close to the start of the semester, and all HEOP application paperwork needs to be received by our office. Per the New York State Education Department, HEOP is not allowed to keep a waitlist for potential transfer students; therefore, admission is only possible if there is a current opening.  If there is no opening, transfer students may enter RIT but they will not receive HEOP support and cannot be added at a later time. However, students can chose to transfer to another college or university where there is an opening. Please contact our office at 585-475-2506 to see if we have an opening.

STEP 1. Apply to RIT through regular Transfer Admissions and make sure to add the RIT school code 002806 to your FAFSA.

RIT Admissions accepts applications on a rolling basis.

STEP 2: Once accepted by RIT, contact Kris Shamp in the HEOP office at, (585) 475-2506 to see if we have an opening

STEP 3: If we have an opening, complete the HEOP Transfer Application paperwork.

Kris will mail/email a HEOP Transfer application and the required forms. Because we are overenrolled, we cannot hold spaces for students who have not yet applied and been accepted to RIT. We also do not hold spaces for students who have been accepted to RIT but their completed transfer application paperwork has not been received by our office. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow-up with their previous college(s). Once we receive everything we will contact you about acceptance if we have an opening.