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Academic Eligibility Criteria

Students considered for HEOP fall below the overall academic criteria for the RIT program they are applying to. RIT operates under a differential admissions process, which means that criteria will vary per program. Standardized tests are just one of many factors used when considering students for admission to RIT. In regard to specific SAT/ACT requirements for regular admission, we provide students with middle 50% guidelines based on the scores of the current freshmen class. Since those scores are middle ranges, we accept scores above and below them. These ranges as well as minimum math and science requirements per program, can be found at:

Please direct any questions regarding HEOP academic eligibility and admissions to the Undergraduate Admissions office at (585) 475-6631 or by email at

General Eligibility Criteria

Eligible HEOP students must:

  • Have permanent residence in New York State
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Have not registered for college courses for credit after high school graduation
  • Be inadmissible to RIT under regular admission guidelines
  • Meet NYS economic eligibility guidelines
  • Attend and successfully complete a four week summer program
  • If applying as a transfer, applicants must have been in an approved opportunity program at a previous college