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Services & Support

Academic Support

RIT is a rigorous university. As such, it hosts a wide array of content support within the colleges. Additionally, a key component of the HEOP program is the high quality support services we offer exclusively to all of our students. Our services sustain the HEOP culture of study, community, and student engagement. If students are academically successful, their confidence grows as do the number of subsequent opportunities, such as additional scholarships, awards, leadership, research, and study abroad opportunities, as well as securing internships or co-ops with major employers. Our students have done incredible things while at RIT and we work to connect them with new opportunities. Our goal is to have every students complete their degree with a well-rounded resume that will attract the best employers. All this begins with accessing support services we offer:

Comprehensive Academic and Personal Counseling:

Our qualified staff are dedicated to providing caring and helpful academic and personal support for students. They are sensitive to the issues of underserved populations and the challenges HEOP students face throughout their college careers. Experienced and informed, the HEOP staff is available to guide, advocate, and assist students with referrals to other resources. Current and past HEOP students rate the counseling relationship as being extremely valuable to their years at RIT. We are here to welcome new students to campus and cheer them at graduation, and we work with them every step of the way.

Individualized Tutoring Services:

HEOP students can request one-on-one tutoring for specific courses and every effort will be made to hire qualified tutors to meet these requests. We work hard to match our students with the best tutors available. In return, students are expected to meet regularly with their tutor a minimum of one hour at the same time each week. Students are allowed to request up to 4 hours per week of tutoring for a specific class. Current and past HEOP students highly rate the tutoring component of our program.

LEAP Peer Mentoring Program:

LEAP stand for Leaders Encouraging Achievement & Pride. Upperclassmen are paired with a freshman based on common interests and major. The mentor’s role is to help their mentee successfully transition to RIT academically and socially. Mentors and mentees have at least three contacts during each fall and spring term. Additionally, there are planned social activities for mentors and mentees to interact as a group. This leadership position is designed to welcome new freshmen and reinforce the values of HEOP. The LEAP Peer Mentoring Program is overseen by the Program Coordinator/Counselor.

Freshmen Study Hours:

All freshmen attend weekly study hours while enrolled in classes fall and spring semesters. There are two standard 2-hour time blocks each week. Students must attend a minimum of 2 hours each week but can log in 4 hours if they wish. The study hours take place in the meeting room on the dorm side of campus and are proctored by a HEOP tutor/proctor. HEOP students report that the study hours provide a time to focus while also supporting the community of HEOP students.

HEOP Seminar for Students on Academic Probation:

It is important for HEOP students to remain in good standing academically. Falling out of good standing can negatively impact a student’s financial aid. HEOP students whose term GPA for the previous semester is below 2.0 or who are on academic probation attend the HEOP Seminar. HEOP Seminar is a small group seminar that meets once a week to assist students with studying, study strategies, and setting and meeting study goals. The Seminar is facilitated by HEOP professional staff. Additionally, HEOP students on academic probation (previous term GPA below 2.0) meet more frequently with their counselor to make sure they are progressing and will return to good standing.