Student Testimonials

Shantel Forrest

Meet Shantel Forrest! A Junior Marketing Major in the Saunders College of Business, Shantel is a Rochester City Scholar, Summer Bridge Graduate, two-time Program Assistant for the Summer Bridge, and MCAS Student Worker. She is an unquestioned student leader within the MCAS family, and has these words to share about her experiences and opportunities:

Since I've started at RIT, I've been able to experience so many new things. I've been able to meet new people from so many different countries through the Conversation Partners program here at school. I've been grateful that people have been so willing to share a piece of their culture with me through the conversations we've had. Also, I've been able to experience being independent and taking care of myself as an adult through my stay in the dorms and Global Village. Both residences gave me a lot of insight about myself as I had to learn how to better take care of myself, my living space, and succeed as a student at the same time. Through these experiences, I'm grateful for who I've become and I cannot wait for the person I will become someday.

I've grown as a leader through the opportunities that I've had access to here at RIT. I've been able to try new things and meet new people who taught me lots about myself and made me a stronger person. I've been able to go take part in professional development sessions and so many extracurricular activities. In an effort to give back, I found myself acting more and more as a leader, pushing others to do their best and making sure they have the same chance at resources as I did as I started my career here at RIT.