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Benefits of Being a McNair Scholar

  • McNair Scholars Program and LSAMP
  • McNair Scholars Program and LSAMP
  • McNair Scholars Program and LSAMP
  • McNair Scholars Program and LSAMP

College students who are considering study beyond the baccalaureate level can realize their dreams through the McNair Scholars Program. Here are just some of the benefits of being a McNair Scholar:

  • As a McNair Scholar, you will receive personalized, one-on-one academic advising; coaching; academic achievement consultation; mentoring in research skills; and preparation for successful entry into a graduate program.
  • McNair Program professionals and RIT faculty members will guide you in developing academic skills and meeting scholarly performance standards needed to survive in demanding graduate school programs.
  • You will participate in an intense 10-week, summer research experience. During this experience, you will have the opportunity to conduct original research as an undergraduate student under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
  • You will learn how to construct a curriculum vitae and write a personal statement for your graduate school application and other academic opportunities.
  • You will have opportunities to travel to conferences to present your research and develop strong writing and communication skills in preparation for the rigorous nature of graduate study.
  • You will receive the prestige and recognition associated with being a McNair Scholar, which may, in turn, help you to become accepted into a top-choice graduate program.
  • You will have a strong "edge" over "typical" undergraduate students who might not have access to such a diverse array of resources.
  • As a senior scholar, you may receive funding to visit up to two of your top choice graduate schools to talk with faculty and graduate students.
  • As a McNair Scholar, you may have your graduate school application fee waived.

We are committed to seeing scholars succeed and, in return, expect a firm commitment from you. We look forward to helping you reach your academic goals!

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