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Multicultural Calendar

  • Multicultural Calendar

Holiday traditions, special times of year, cultural or religious events—we all have stories to share about important calendar events.

The Honoring Differences® calendar provides a sounding board to talk about the many traditions that each of us brings to our communities and our workplaces. When we pay attention to significant holidays and events we can’t help but create an environment that demonstrates respect and inclusion; year after year, individuals and organizations have used the Honoring Differences calendar to do just that!

Here’s how to get the most out of this calendar:

Ask others how they celebrate events; not everyone within a particular group observes holidays in the same way.

Check if scheduling considerations might exclude individuals or pressure them unfairly to attend certain events.

Provide options for taking time off. Individuals shouldn’t be pressured to meet deadlines or answer messages when they are in the midst of a celebration or holy day.

Acknowledge special days via newsletters, email/text messages, bulletin boards, your website or intranet, social media, and the classroom.

Celebrate heritage or history months or other cultural days with speakers, displays, and special foods; but don’t stop there! Gather ideas so that everyone feels like their special events and holidays count.

Show your interest in and respect for co-workers by asking about the correct pronunciation of the many foreign language terms used in this calendar, reflecting the many cultures and religions represented.

Watch people light up when you ask about an event or holiday of significance to them. And don’t forget to share stories from your own traditions.

Use this calendar as a tool.

When honoring diversity, various issues may arise as you plan your events. We have provided this page of information on the major holidays associated with the calendar to make you aware of special considerations:

Schedule Consideration
Consider these dates when scheduling classes, work, deadlines, meetings, and events while keeping consistent with good business practices. Other dates may also involve scheduling considerations, depending on individual or regional practice.

US Federal Holiday
All US federal offices, including the US Postal Service, as well as many businesses, are closed.

Dietary Consideration
When planning lunch meetings and parties, consider that these holidays may be fasting days or involve dietary restrictions. If a dietary restriction is involved, notify coordinators or the cafeteria of dietary options.

Multiple Days
These holidays are observed on more than one day, ranging from 2-day to month-long celebrations.