Dean's List

Full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students will be placed on the Dean's List if their term GPA is greater than or equal to 3.40; they do not have any grades of “Incomplete”, “D” or “F”, and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.

Degree-seeking undergraduate students who students who maintain less than 12 credit hours in each term in which they are enrolled during the academic year may qualify for Dean’s List if they have completed at least 9 credit hours during the academic year (fall, intersession, spring, and summer term). Courses used to calculate GPA for Dean’s List must have a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 3.40 without grades of “Incomplete” “D” or “F” and without being placed on probation.The Dean’s List evaluation will occur at the end of the summer term or in the degree certification term. Placement on Dean’s List is noted on the student’s official transcript.

The GPA calculation will be carried out to two decimal places. Rounding will be done by adding .005 to the unrounded results and truncating after the second decimal place.