Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management

Dr. David Egleston, Department Chair


"RIT & Saunders College of Business is 64th in the U.S."


Management is the process of ensuring that an organization or company is able to operate in both the immediate and near future. Managers are charged with making decisions that will impact an organization on every level. These decisions range from hiring a new employee to taking a company public. Management is not an easy field, and good managers are highly sought after.

The management program at RIT Dubai educates students on the many facets of management, while also improving their ability to motivate their peers, communicate with others and lead a team, all of which are essential skills for good managers. The program prepares students for management and specialist careers in a variety of enterprises and organizations. Students develop the skills and concepts needed to become effective leaders, ethical decision makers, and creative innovators.
The management curriculum provides both depth and flexibility in its offerings so that students may maximize their educational experience. Management students develop an understanding of business operations through the core business courses offered in all programs at RIT Dubai. These classes provide the foundation for students to develop their abilities as capable managers who are able to make sound decisions, motivate employees, and communicate clearly.


Students in our management program graduate with the skills to take on high-level management positions. Some students continue on with their education through our graduate programs while others begin careers in consulting, hospitality administration, marketing, or begin their own ventures. Graduating students are well-rounded, possessing knowledge in areas such as motivation, negotiation, and leadership making them well suited for any industry.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management program is accredited by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE-HEA) and is licensed by the KHDA. The program is also accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).


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Tarun Yenna

"The management program at RIT Dubai isn't just about reading books and taking tests, it's also about real life applicability which reflects an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. After completing my co-op program, I'm confident that I'll be ready to not only work in a multinational company, but capable of starting my own business venture as well."