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Mechanical engineering, being the broadest among the core engineering disciplines, offers the students a wide range of career choices and opportunities. Its strong and broad technical foundation provides opportunities in engineering practice, management positions, research and graduate studies.

The department of Mechanical Engineering at RIT Dubai, established in 2008, has inherited more than 180 years of excellence from its mother program at the Rochester campus. The program is designed to offer students a solid foundation in mechanical engineering fundamentals in addition to knowledge in a wide range of topics such as energy systems, air conditioning, hydraulic machines, design of machinery and system controls among other areas. The program is unique in its hands-on and co-operative training, which prepares the students to graduate directly into their jobs as engineers, and enhances their network with the industry, which reflects positively on their future job opportunities.

The broad base and co-operative experience of the program cultivates the learning, thinking and problem-solving abilities needed to adapt, to develop and to exercise responsible leadership through times of rapid change. The department offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and an undergraduate option in Energy and the Environment. Dubai students have access to other options such as Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Bioengineering through the study abroad program at the Rochester campus.

In addition to its accreditation in the United States as part of the University in New York, the program has been accredited by ABET, approved by the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE-HEA) in the UAE and recognized by the KHDA in Dubai.

I wish you a fruitful journey through the bachelor program and success in your future engineering career.

Dr. Ghalib Kahwaji, Department Chair




An Engineering degree from RIT Dubai opens up a world of exciting career opportunities and Mechanical Engineering in particular, is involved with a range of cutting edge design across automotive and aerospace systems, bioengineering devices, and energy-related technologies.

Our labs are equipped to provide you with extensive experimentation and feature everything from 3D printers to Universal Testing Machines, to a comprehensive machine shop to ensure you have access to state of the art facilities to help you in your development as an engineer.

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Our Coop Internship program ensures you graduate with practical experience  working with the industry while gaining valuable contacts, professional networks and practical skills to give you the required competitive edge in the engineering field.


Our mechanical engineering graduate’s journey takes him from design through development and manufacturing to research and even sales. Because of their comprehensive training and education, RIT Dubai mechanical engineers often called upon to assume management positions. Our graduates work in top international corporations as well as local companies in the UAE and the wider region.


Besides its accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, USA as a Rochester NY campus program, the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is also accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE and is licensed by the KHDA in Dubai. It is also accredited by ABET, a recognized premier international engineering accreditation body.

Enrolment data for Bachelor’s Engineering Programs


The major provides students with a broad academic base complemented by hands-on laboratory activities and professional cooperative education experience.  You will devote the first two years to the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, liberal arts, and engineering sciences, while the third and fourth years emphasize engineering science, design, and systems.

You can then choose to specialize in Energy and Environment, by choosing the appropriate technical electives courses, or complete the program without an option and take a range of technical electives.  In the fifth year, you are required to complete the capstone design courses, Senior Design I and II (MECE-497, 498).

You will complete liberal arts general education courses in the social sciences and the humanities to round out your education. 

Mechanical engineering, BS degree, typical course sequence (Indicative only)


Sem. Cr. Hrs.

First Year
UWRT-150 Writing Seminar 3
MATH-181, 182 Project-based Calculus I, II 8
  LAS Perspective 1, 2, 3 (Artistic, Ethical, Global) 9
MECE-102 Engineering Mechanics Lab 3
MECE-104 Engineering Design Tools 3
ANTH-365 Islamic Culture 3
Second Year
  LAS Perspective 4 (Social) 3
MECE-103 Statics  
MATH-219 Multivariable Calculus 3
MECE-205 Dynamics 3
MECE-110 Thermodynamics I 3
MECE-210 Fluid Mechanics I 3
  LAS Immersion 1 3
MATH-231 Differential Equations 3
MECE-203, 204 Strength of Materials I and Lab 4
MECE-305, 306 Materials Science with Applications and Lab 4
Third Year
MECE-xxx Contemporary Issues in Mechanical Engineering (WI) 3
MATH-326 Boundary Value Problems 3
EEEE-281 Circuits I 3
MECE-317 Numerical Methods 3
MECE-211 Engineering Measurements Lab 2
PHYS-212 University Physics II 4
  LAS Immersion 2 3
MECE-499 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op
Fourth Year
MATH-241 Linear Algebra 3
MECE-317 Numerical Methods 3
MECE-310 Heat Transfer I 3
MECE-301 Engineering Applications Lab 2
MECE-3xx ME Extended Core Elective 3
  Physical Science Elective II 3
MECE-499 Cooperative Education  Co-op
Fifth Year
MECE-497, 498 Multidisciplinary Senior Design I, II 6
  ME Applied Elective 6
STAT-205 Applied Statistics  3
MECE-320 System Dynamics 3
  LAS Immersion 3 3
  Free Electives 6
  ME Applied or Extended Core Electives 3

Total Semester Credit Hours


Please see New General Education Curriculum–Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for more information.
(WI) Refers to a writing intensive course within the major.

A sample of Mechanical Engineering Electives (indicative only):

  • MECE 350 Strength of Materials II
  • MECE 352 Thermodynamics II
  • MECE 489 Special Topics: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for Hot and Humid Climates
  • MECE 529 Renewable Energy Systems
  • MECE 544 Introduction to Composite Materials


Students at RIT Dubai can select an option in energy and environment, but participation in this option is not required.   

You can elect to complete the major without an option and instead customize your academic study in support of your career plans. The mechanical engineering major is relatively flexible and allows students to pursue options and minors.

Energy and Environment

This option consists of electives that provide students with exposure to a wide range of opportunities and careers associated with energy-intensive systems and how they relate to the environment. This option increases the number of opportunities students have for careers in the fields of building energy systems, alternative and renewable energy, and direct energy conversion. Students choosing this option are expected to work on an energy systems design project in senior design and to pursue co-op employment in a related field.



"There is a lot of practical applications in the Mechanical engineering program so I feel prepared for the real world and the co-op is a great concept. I wanted a U.S. degree and the opportunity to study overseas which RIT Dubai offers. The reputation of the university and the program oers great job opportunities. I'm really happy here.”

Judy Akbik


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