Freshman Admissions

Requirements for Admission

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RIT Dubai is currently accepting applications for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 and we welcome all interested students to apply. Admission to the RIT Dubai is selective, our admission process is personal. We are interested in learning about your interests, abilities, and goals in order to provide the best information and guidance we can as you select the college and program that is right for you. Factors considered in our admission decisions include, but are not limited to, past high school/college performance (particularly in required academic subjects), admission test scores, competitiveness of high school or previous college, and academic program selected. Recommendations from those familiar with your academic performance and an interview with an admissions counselor may also be influential.

How to Apply

RIT Dubai currently offers majors in three different areas of study: Business, Computing and Engineering. While these academic programs are all designed to offer a broad base of academic courses and practical experiences, the high school preparation that is expected for each may differ. For example, success in prerequisite mathematics and science courses will be required for the engineering and computing programs. Interested students who do not have the prerequisites for a particular major may be considered for conditional admission and be required to successfully complete prerequisite courses before beginning in the major.

Math and Physics placement exams will be required for all freshman students to take at the start of the semester (sample of the tests are given below). This will help determine which level each student fits in to be able to place in the right course within the program. All Engineering and Computing students are required to take a Math and Physics placement exam, and all Business majors are required to take a Math placement exam. We like to encourage students to apply early to be considered for admission and get guaranteed a seat in the program. We recommend you do not wait until your final marks are out to apply but to begin your application process early.


Required Documents

  • A scanned copy of your passport.
  • High school transcripts - predicted marks of your final year are acceptable for a conditional decision until you submit your final marks.
  • Emirates ID (UAE Residents).
  • English language test (Ielts, Toefl or EmSAT) – if available.
  • Personal statement.

Application for admissions is available here. UAE ministry of education requires all students to provide all accredited universities with the equivalency certificate. Students who study the ministry curriculum will be exempted from this requirement.

Curriculum Average (Full Admission) Average (Conditional Admission)


70% 65%


70% - SAT (Math 450) or EmSAT (Math 500) 65% - SAT (Math450) or EmSAT (Math 500)


5 IGCSE/O Levels (at least C grade) and 2 As Level (at least D grade)


11/20 10/20


60% 55%


14/20 12/20


65% 60%


7 Subjects – C and above

South Africa



26 points 24 points


Average of 4 Average of 3

English Language Requirement

The bachelor's degree programs offered at RIT Dubai are rigorous, and require a solid academic foundation. The programs will be taught in English, and applicants will be required to have basic competency in the English language.

Test Type Full Admission Conditional Admission
Academic IELTS Overall 6.5 Overall 5.0
TOEFL ITP 550 500
EmSAT - English 1550 1100

Official TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition Test or the Official IELTS Indicator Online Edition will be accepted conditionally. Students will be asked to submit the usual accepted Ielts/Toefl exam type within the 1st semester at RIT-Dubai!

Application Timeline

RIT Dubai is currently accepting applications for Spring 2021 (January 2021) and Fall 2021 (September 2021). We welcome all interested students to apply.

Students are encouraged to apply early, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis - that is once your application is complete, the Admissions Committee will meet to review your complete application and notify you of the admission decision in a timely manner.

Our admission process is a personal one, and we will work with you to assist with the application procedure, and notify you personally of the decision and your options.

The Admissions Committee reviews each application based upon the specific preparation and experiences of each individual student. Students will be considered for admission based on high school performance, appropriateness of courses for academic major, demonstrated motivation and success, and English language ability.