Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics

Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics

Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics

This program prepares participants for successful careers helping organizations make better decisions through analytics. It prepares participants to work effectively with complex, real-world data and to create value from it. The program is based on a holistic educational experience, where theory and practice are fully interlaced through the continuous support of public and private sector partners. This program will be the only program in the UAE ensuring the graduates are highly sought-after Data Analysts within the industry.

Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education

The Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics is a one-of-a-kind program in the UAE that will provide you with the skills to make better organizational decisions through the usage of data analytics. The program has been designed in partnership with public departments including Smart Dubai and Dubai Data, as well as leading international organizations in the field. As a graduate of the program, you will be equipped with the skills to work effectively with complex, real-world data and create value from it in support of your organization’s strategic objectives.

The curriculum for this unique program systematically addresses all levels of data analytics, from creating a strategy and organizational vision towards big data, managing and securing the data, building appropriate infrastructure for data analytics, through to data analysis and presentation for intelligent decision making. The program also addresses data collection and analysis for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual realities, robotics, and machine learning. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to implement what they learn within their organizations and to explore new work-based opportunities to improve the efficiency of their operations by gathering and interpreting data more effectively.


The Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics aims to prepare students for successful careers in helping organizations make better decisions and bring about business and entrepreneurial growth through data analytics. It prepares students to work effectively with complex, real-world data and to create value from it. The program is based on a holistic educational experience, where theory and practice are fully interlaced through the continuous support of public and private partners.

Program Learning Outcomes:

The Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are broad statements that describe what you would be expected to attain within a few years of graduation. PEOs are based on the needs of the program’s constituencies. The Data Analytics faculty, in conjunction with its constituents, has established the following program educational objectives:

  • To define and quantify business problems for the purposes of analysis and strategic decision-making.

  • To use data collection and preparation techniques in the processes of model building for data analysis.

  • To deploy data analytics platforms for large-scale data management.

  • To use descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models.

  • To analyze, interpret, and communicate results and outputs from analytical operations.

  • To make business decisions that create business value based on data analytics.

  • To identify and analyze security, ethical, and privacy issues related to data analytics.

  • To demonstrate the relationship between data analytics and emerging technologies.

  • To conduct research methods in the field of data analytics.

The Data Analytics program is designed for working professionals looking to develop a high-level understanding in this growing field of business operations. As the only degree of its kind in the UAE, graduates of the program are highly sought-after for their unique skill set in data translation.


RIT is consistently ranked among the top American Universities. The degree you will earn from RIT Dubai is a fully recognized university degree from RIT New York and has the same value as a degree earned by studying there.

In the UAE, the Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics degree program is accredited by the Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs, UAE and is licensed by the KHDA.

The program is comprised of 33 semester credit hours which students must successfully complete.

The table below shows the program structure of Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics program courses.

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

PROF - 705

Context and Trends: Data Analytics


PROF - 740

Fundamentals of Data Analytics


ISTE - 600

Foundations of Data Mining


PROF - 741

Enterprise Infrastructure for Data Analysis


PROF - 790

Data Analytics for Emerging Technologies


ISTE - 782

Data Visualization


ISTE - 780

Data Driven Decision Making


CSEC - 733

Information Security Risk Management


PROF - 799

Special Topics


PROF - 770



PROF - 776

Research and Thesis


Total Semester Credit Hours - 33

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To graduate, students need to complete all the requirements as listed in the curriculum. Click here for the graduation policy.

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Dr. Sanjay Modak

Professor and Chair

Dr. Ehsan Warriach

Data Analytics

Dr. Erik Golen

Data Analytics

Dr. Hammou Messatfa

Data Analytics

Dr. Ayman Ibrahim

Data Analytics

Dr. Mick McQuaid

Data Analytics

Dr. Ioannis Karamitsos

City Sciences

Over the last five years, the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in business has generated a demand for data scientists that far surpasses the availability of trained professionals. Today, 63% of executives cite a lack of talent as a prime barrier to adopting AI technology. This talent gap is an opportunity for aspiring professionals and a challenge for organizations and companies striving for a competitive advantage in the market. RIT Dubai has been active in supporting UAE and Dubai in creating talented and skilled personnel in the area of AI and Data Analytics. To add to this area further, RIT Dubai has worked diligently with IBM to create hands-on programs to enable its graduates to implement smarter solutions at their workplace and bring relevant experiences to their organizations. The collaboration first started with the goal of equipping professionals to become analysts and is now being taken further to help professionals become scientists.

Why become a Data Scientist?

The importance of Data Science emerged as companies grew and needed a better understanding and analysis of data. Data Science helps in problem-solving, monetizing data for the organization, and improving the skill needed for better forecasting, optimizing results, and risk management. As such, a certified Data Scientist is needed by enterprises to help to make sense of the massive amounts of data that helps in deriving insights and improve results. In general, certified team members are faster troubleshoot issues, have fewer skill gaps, and drive economic benefits. Having an international certification for those who work in the AI and Data field is critical to benchmark their experiences internationally. Today, RIT Dubai is proud to be one of the first universities worldwide that will offer The Open Group Data Scientist Certification Program to its students.

How to become a Data Scientist?

The Open Group Data Scientist Certification Program is the industry's most comprehensive certification available for Data Scientists. This certification will be easily attainable if the student opts to start the Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics from RIT Dubai. The capstone projects that will be worked upon during the Master program can be used in The Open Group Certification Program, which will save time for applicants and would be considered as a continuum of the expertise the applicant gains as a Data Scientist and Analyst.

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RIT’s Advisory Data Science Professional Board

Our mission is to drive the growth and expertise of the Data Science profession and ensure world-class Data Science professional skills for the cognitive era of the region. RIT’s Advisory Data Science Profession Board plays an important role in mentoring data scientists by defining skills and roadmaps for career progression and ensuring effective data analytics programs that can be utilized to solve organizational challenges.

Members of the Board:

  • Maureen Norton
    Global Data Scientist Profession Leader – IBM
  • Tarek Saeed
    Chief AI Officer – IBM Middle East
  • Dr. Ahmed El Sayed
    Chief Data Scientist – IBM Middle East
  • Dr. Hammou Messatfa
    IBM Government Chief Data Scientist, Industry visiting Professor at RIT, RIT’s Advisory Data Science Profession Board Lead
  • Dr. Yousef Al Assaf
    President – RIT Dubai
  • Dr. Chawki Tawbi
    Data and AI Executive Technical Sales – IBM Middle East and Adjunct Professor M.Sc Data Analytics at RIT Dubai
  • Baghdad Gherras
    Director of Data Science and AI Director – Eradah Capital and Adjunct Professor M.Sc Data Analytics at RIT Dubai
  • Dr. Ahmad Aly Shaban
    Senior Consultant – UAE Prime Minister Office
  • James De Raeve
    Vice President and General Manager – India, The Open Group

To register your interest in the Certification Program, please fill in the form, in case of any questions you might have, please contact Dr. Hammou Messatfa: