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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Quality Education, Quality Student Services

Academic Affairs at RIT Dubai works to provide both quality education and quality services to all students enroled at the University. Many departments and dedicated individuals work together to contribute to student success at RIT Dubai, ensuring the attention and support you need through the various challenges and milestones you will meet during your degree program. Early alert systems are in place to identify any issues you may face as soon as possible, and interventions are planned and implemented so that your opportunity for success is always maximized.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Office at RIT Dubai oversees the delivery of the academic programs and its associated services (such as advising, co-op and careers, and academic development services).  The duties of the VPAA include leading and facilitating the implementation and achievement of the academic mission and vision of RIT Dubai. Reporting to the President of RIT Dubai, the VPAA coordinates closely with the main campus colleges and the Provost Office at RIT, New York.

Dr. Khalid Khawaja, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at RIT Dubai, believes in the creation of a quality education environment through the recognition of education’s core pillars and values. He identifies with RIT values that recognize the student as the center for all efforts pivoted on the strong foundation of scholarship and professionalism, ethics and integrity, diversity, innovation, and collaboration. He has an academic career that focuses on establishing systematic quality assurance standards that are learning outcome-centric, leading to sustainable improvement in the quality of university academic programs utilizing the latest technology whenever the opportunities exist.