Electrical & Mechanical Senior Capstone Project 2015

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Project Information



The idea for this project was conceived after noticing a common problem among the elderly population who are prescribed numerous drugs that must be taken several times a day. Many of them have difficulty managing the different pills. Furthermore, doses were often missed and incorrect pill intake had been always a possible risk. This led to a desire to find a user-friendly solution to this problem that would have a demonstrable effect on their pill-taking habits.

After looking at current automatic pill dispensers, they were found to be either too expensive (up to $1000) or had limited functionality. Also, they do not know which types of medicine are stored and therefore have little flexibility in adjusting schedules and retrieving statistics.



This dispenser provides a way to store and retrieve different types of medicine easily, as well as a way to remind users when it’s time to take their medication. It will have full knowledge of the medicines that it contains allowing flexibility in changing the schedule and will also keep track of which pills are taken and how many remain. When it’s time for a dose, the dispenser would play an alarm sound and flash lights.

Additionally, the dispenser would be relatively portable and would work with limited caregiver intervention. We also aim to provide a lower cost solution than what is currently available.






The pill dispenser would have four columns, each storing a different type of mediation and leading to a rotary wheel. When it’s time for a dose an alarm is sounded and lights are flashed. The user then presses the button to retrieve their dose, turning off the alarm. This causes the appropriate wheels to be rotated, dispensing the stored pills which drop into a funnel and fall into a sliding drawer. The user then simply opens the drawer and takes their medication.

Using a keypad and display, the user can set their desired schedule as well as view information about their pill taking habits.

Team Members

Abdul Qadir Qaizar – Electrical Engineering

Elias El Dik – Mechanical Engineering

Mohamed Khalil – Electrical Engineering

Salah Rahmo – Mechanical Engineering