Big Data Analytics in R


R is a flexible, powerful and free software application for statistics and data analysis. It is used in a wide variety of research disciplines, and has become increasingly popular in recent years. This workshop aims to provide the participants with essential skills for analyzing big data with R. The workshop will cover the basics of data visualization, data management, programming, the implementation of commonly used data analytics methods. The workshop will focus on the practical implementation of the methods covered. No prior experience with R is required.


Participants in this workshop will:

  • Learn the basics of R, data handling in R and the various ways to create scripts and programs.
  • Learn to explore and visualize data in R through several packages including dplyr and ggplot2.
  • Apply predictive analytics methods on big data to generate meaningful results.
  • Get familiar with dierent big data platforms including Spark and how to integrate them with R.
  • Explore fast, streaming, and scalable data analysis with the most cutting-edge technologies in the market.

Download flyer for detailed information.