Leaders from all over the world started to realize that developing a happy and engaged organization culture is the right direction to follow toward success and growth. Creating a customer centric culture that puts the customers at the center of the universe and supporting initiatives along with infrastructure that help create a learning organization is the key to success. The two customers that every organization has are the internal customers which are the employees and the external customers, and these customers must be treated in a manner that is inspiring and create happiness.  This program will educate senior professionals on the key concepts of creating happier customers and give the tools which will help bring the concept of customer centricity to the organization. The course provides access to the latest research on the subject and present practical ideas and frameworks that will help you accelerate the drivers of happiness with employees and customer and help you apply these ideas in your workplace.


Through this program RIT Dubai aims to help you to:

  • Understand the science and research on what a happier self, organization customer looks like and creating the “why” of your organization which is the emotional connection
  • Understand how to evaluate and assess an organization in terms of a customer and employee centric organization
  • Understand effective leadership, customer centric model, supporting concepts that can create a happier organization and take immediate action to apply them in corporate environment. 
  • Become expert in current best practices of corporate happiness measures in both the UAE and beyond. 
  • Develop a strategic and actionable plan the begins with the “why” taking the key learnings, tools and apply them to change your organization
  • You will truly be inspired to make changes within that will not only impact the happiness within your organization but also you as a family member and within your community!


The program is delivered by international expert and professor of customer and employee centricity. 

Modules are designed to use the most practical approach to deliver the course, using the most effective learning techniques. 

Participants can expect the following during the course program:

  • Lecture modules delivered by an international expert throughout the world on customer and employee centricity .
  • Use of cutting-edge tools on the customer and employee centricity covered in the program. 
  • Access to research repository on the subject.
  • Best in class case studies discussion.
  • Inspiring videos with actual methods being applied.
  • Team learning techniques.
  • Classroom activities. 
  • Project work.


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4 modules

Module 1 - Introduction to a happier self and organization and the customer centric culture model

Module 3 - Transforming your culture with engaged employees

  • Process of the 4 days leading to inspirational team project presentations
  • Understand and assessing yourself and the organization as it relates to happiness
  • Learn about the science connections through emotional inspiration
  • Creation of an empowering culture full of happiness
  • Introduction to the customer centricity model 
  • Creating a learning organization and systems thinking 
  • The platinum B model for treating people as they want to be treated- Learning and applying the model
  • Measuring employee happiness and engagement-Pulse surveys
  • Why real time employee happiness data 
  • Gallup Q12 employee engagement model-All you need to know
  • MAGIC is a concept of creating highly engaged employees
  • Tools to create and empower a high performing team that will create a customer centric culture for internal and external customers.
  • The Wegmans Way and the foundations of Zappos cultures-The best practices from world class cultures

Module 2 - Teams & organization engagement and crafting customer experience for customer happiness

Module 4 - Developing a corporate happiness strategic and communication plans

  • Leadership skills and tools to create shared vision and manage effective teams to create positive changes in an organization.
  • Building a learning organization culture that can foster high performing customer focused teams.
  • Understand the experience economy and how to apply the experience realms to your organization
  • Learn the individual and organizational aspects of change and its impact.
  • The bond of Customer Experience with customer happiness.
  • Understand how to deliver optimal customer experience.
  • Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Building Employee and Customer Engagement culture for improved customer happiness.
  • Emotionally Intelligent customer service. 
  • Linking with UAE Happiness, and covering the Happiness framework.
  • Developing a corporate happiness strategy: Real Examples.
  • Developing the implementation plan.
  • Closing the loop and continuous improvements to strategy.
  • Final assignment – team/individual presentations.