Program Overview 

As a key UAE government initiative, happiness is now at the core of organizations.  This unique diploma program run with Gallup and Smart Dubai will educate senior professionals on the key concepts of happiness and give you the tools to help you bring the concept of happiness back to your organization. The course provides access to the latest Gallup research on the subject and provides you with practical ideas and frameworks that will help you accelerate the drivers of happiness and help you apply these ideas in your workplace.

Delivered by international experts, the program will help you to:

  • Understand the scientific and practical notions of happiness in a professional environment.
  • Understand how to evaluate and assess an organization in terms of individual and corporate happiness and the related constructs.
  • Understand leadership strategies and techniques that can increase happiness and apply them in corporate environment.
  • Application of corporate happiness concept understood during the diploma by the creation of a Corporate Happiness Strategic Plan for their organization.
  • Become expert in current best practices of corporate happiness measures in both the UAE and beyond.

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