Smart Dubai signs agreement with RIT Dubai to develop specialized Master’s degree program in Data Science

As part of its efforts to promote scientific research and strengthen cooperation with leading scientific and academic centers around the world, the Dubai Data Establishment (Smart Dubai) has signed an agreement with RIT Dubai to develop a specialized interdisciplinary Master's degree in Data Science. The RIT-Dubai collaboration with Dubai Data Establishment will result in the development of a unique interdisciplinary program focusing on the science of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from urban environments. Smart Dubai will provide support for developing the Master's degree program by helping to establish the required labs and by financing the first batch of students pursuing the Master’s program. They will also provide all necessary support to secure scientific accreditation of the program in Dubai. Smart Dubai and RIT-Dubai have committed to cultivating opportunities for RIT researchers and students to use the city as “test-bed” for research and applied projects in both City Science and Data Science. Fostering what may be one of the few global urban analytics initiatives. Urban analytics is an emerging field of applied data science that draws on advances in sensor technology, algorithm development, computing, statistical methods, machine learning, and software engineering to help businesses, citizens, and government officials improve the quality of urban life. RIT Dubai is leading the field by establishing this program in one of the world’s most dynamic urban settings and by drawing on RIT global network. According to Dr. Yousef Al Assaf, “The new interdisciplinary data science initiative will be developed in tandem with our partners at Smart Dubai, and will take advantage of RIT’s strengths in computing, data analytics, and its global presence in other major urban settings in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.” The program will enable students from both Rochester and elsewhere to participate in exchange and research opportunities. “I am especially excited about the experiential learning, research and exchange opportunities this new program will foster”, said Dr. Al Assaf.