The RIT Dubai professional Diploma in sustainability has been designed for professionals from government agencies and private organizations to address the desire to advance the performance of the employees and increase the growth of the organization. The Professional Diploma consists of ve practical modules, each lasting one month. It starts with three days of lectures , 9am – 4 pm., followed by coached assignments, readings and discussions with the instructors. The fth module
includes completing an individual project coached by the program faculty as well as delivering the nal assessment presentation.

  • Understand the origin, evolution and scope of sustainability science.
  • Build the knowledge, skills and competencies of the participants to allow the application of sustainability concepts in the dierent walks of life.
  • Understand how to employ sustainability in the growth of the employee’s organization. Learn about sustainability concepts in the areas of the built environment and urban development.
  • Become experts in current best practices of applying sustainable solutions.professional practice to induce a successful environment.