Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Ali Raza

Designation:Associate Professor
Department:Computing Sciences
Phone number:043712060


Dr. Ali has been engaged in teaching and research since 2014. He also works on projects across Europe and Asia stemming from his time as a global technical authority while employed at Motorola Inc. and currently serves as a Principal technology consultant for governments and enterprises in the Middle East.

Dr. Ali's research interests are in the design and deployment of secure cognitive wireless network architectures. He is also passionate about preparing the future generation to build and develop technologies for the future in his area of interest and in the space of education technology.

He heads two research groups; network and security automation - tech. group (NASA-TG); Development for Ed. Tech. Automation (DEFEAT Covid). He works with schools and the younger generation to overcome the perceived difficulty in STEM. An evangelist of project-based learning for higher education he develops platforms and tools in Ed. Tech. 

  • Ph.D. in Telecommunications from Queen Mary University of London
  • M.Sc. in Telecommunications from Queen Mary University of London
  • Computer security across Networks, applications and services
  • Optimum use of artificial intelligence techniques in cybersecurity and applications
  • Industrial IoT, blockchain based decentralised applications
  • Analytics cum Data Mining and Algorithms
  • Ali Raza,” KIL-BLAST Layered Space Time Block Codes”, IEEE Communication Letters June 2004