Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Ali Sayyad

Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Science and Liberal Arts
Phone number:043712034


Dr. Sayyad joined the Department of Electrical Engineering as an Electrical Lecturer, at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai in September 2017.

Prior to the that, Dr. Sayyad served for three years as the program Manager for the Foundation program in Engineering at City, University of London, partnership with City and Islington College, London, UK.   Under his management, the foundation programme achieved a 97% success rate, one of the highest rates in the years of offering this course and so he obtained “The excellent contribution in learning” award from City and Islington College, London, UK.

Apart from his educational background, Dr. Sayyad holds more than Six years of experience in industrial field, working as an electrical and/or Control engineer. Since 2013, he has also been a member of STEM organization, working with young people from all backgrounds in order for them to have the aspiration, knowledge and skills to thrive, with more progressing into STEM-related careers.

Dr. Sayyad research interests include control system analysis and design including modelling and optimization techniques in both linear and nonlinear cases and Robust control applications.

  • Ph.D. in Systems and Control Engineering; City, University of London, UK; PhD Thesis: “Optimization of condition number for Eigenstructure problems”.
  • Master of Science in Systems and Control Engineering; City, University of London, UK. MSc Thesis: " The assignment of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors by linear state feedback and the Robust control applications”.