Faculty Profile 2

Dr. David Egleston

Designation:Associate Professor and Chair
Department:Business and Management
Phone number:043712056


Dr. David Egleston is the Chair of the Department of Business and Management. Dr. Egleston was born and raised in the United States. He has worked as a restaurant and hotel manager and as a partner in a consulting firm. Dr. Egleston left consulting to teach at the university level. He has taught classes from undergraduate through Ph.D. and supervised doctoral students.

Dr. Egleston lived in Soul, Republic of Korea for 9 years and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2016. He is married. He and his wife of 27 years have two teenaged children.


  • Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • MS Psychology
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Business Management
  • Army Achievement Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Good conduct Medal
  • Army Overseas Service Ribbon
  • Distinguished Honor Award US Army Advanced Individual Training
  • 4.0 Graduate GPA
  • Distinguished Graduate Research Award
  • My research interests are in teams
  • leadership
  • expatriate management
Expatriation Management Process :
  • The Challenges and Impediments for the Western Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates
  • Effects of Synchronicity, Belongingness and Culture on Motivation and Achievement
  • Incremental Effects of Selection, Preparation, Support and Repatriation Planning on Expatriate Job Performance and Commitment
  • Egleston, D.O., Castelli, P.A, & Marx, T.G.  (2017). Developing, validating, and testing a model of reflective leadership. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 38, 886-896.
  • Castelli, P.A., Marx, T.G., & Egleston, D.O. (2014). Cultural adaptation mediates the relationship between reflective leadership and organizational performance for multinational   organizations. Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business, 2, 1, 57-70.

  • Castelli, P.A., Egleston, D.O., & Marx, T.G.  (2013).  Social media: A viable source for  collecting research data.  Business Education Innovation Journal, 5, 2, 30-34.

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