Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Ioannis Karamitsos

Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Graduate Programs and Research
Phone number:043712092


Ioannis Karamitsos is an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)-Dubai Campus. In 2016, he had joined the Department of Electrical Engineering as an Adjunct Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai. 

Previously, Dr. Karamitsos spent over 30 years with a unique mix of academic research, industrial, and DOE lab R&D experiences. He was worked within the private and public sectors and experienced within European, Middle East, and Chinese companies. 
From 2010 to 2020 he was a Senior Digital Transformation Technologist- Blockchain Practice Lead at Orange Business Services in Dubai with ten years of consulting experience working with clients to develop and deliver their strategies and transform their organizations into Smart and Digital Cities. He was strategist advisor for the development of the two smart cities in KSA, the Information Technology Complex (ITCC) and King Abdulaziz Financial Center (KAFD), and supported the strategy for developing a suite of smart city services. As blockchain practice lead collaborated with UAE public entities such as DSOA, Dubai Economy, and Dubai Land to conceptualize and implement blockchains and AI solutions. Defined a complete end-to-end digital enablement roadmap. Conducted multiple digital innovation workshops, smart contracts, and POCs to identify digital disruptions and the business and technology transformation approach. Since 2017, he is an active member of the DSOA-Dubai Innovation Advisory Board and DTEC accelerator as a mentor. Dr. Karamitsos is an author of over 40 papers and technical reports, and member of IEEE since 1997, and his serving as a reviewer in several engineering journals, and conferences.

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science: University of Sunderland, UK
  • MSc in Telematics Management: University of Danube Krems, Austria,
  • BSc (Laurea) in Electronic Engineering: University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

Best Application Oriented Paper Award: Ioannis Karamitsos, and Apostolopoulos Christos, “Study of flow streams as a performance parameter for Data Centers". In International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology 2015 (IIT’15), pp.269-272, 1st – 3rd Nov, 2015, Dubai, UAE (DOI:10.1109/INNOVATIONS.2015.7381546).

  • Data mining, machine learning, AI, and Big Data
  • Blockchain, quantum post computing, next-generation cloud networks, 
  • Deep Learning, GANs  and Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • Smart Cities under the ICT and non-ICT convergence and Smart Services


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Book Chapters

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Select Publications

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