Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Jinane Mounsef

Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Electrical Engineering
Phone number:043712039


Dr. Jinane’s research experience spans over more than 10 years in the field of signal and image processing, during which she worked with multidisciplinary teams on a long track of research papers. Dr. Jinane’s methodological and theoretical research as well as a considerable portion of applied and collaborative work addresses novel image processing and visualization techniques to extract and manage the biological and biometric knowledge in data-intensive problems. She has worked on some major problems encountered in the analysis and processing of images in biomedical and botanics fields and has successfully provided a solution to each one of them. In her current work, entitled "Robust Distortion Biometric Recognition”, she tackles the main challenge of designing a biometric modality that can be resilient to unconstrained conditions, such as illumination changes, occlusion and quality distortions. This work presents a solution to ear and face recognitions under unconstrained visual variations, with a main focus on face recognition in the presence of blur and additive noise distortions.

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Face Recognition
  • Biometric Recognition