Faculty Profile 2

Dr. John Ireland

Designation:Associate Professor
Department:Business and Management
Phone number:043712079


About Prior to joining RIT, Dr. Ireland was associate professor in the Canadian University of Dubai (UAE) where he was MBA director, Ajman University of Science and Technology (UAE), EADA (Spain), IESA (Venezuela), where he was the chaired professor of Marketing Strategy and headed the department, and UPF (Spain). He has consulted to many MNC on marketing strategy, ECR, BOP marketing, service quality and marketing research. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a Senior Planner in top MNC engineering firms. Dr. Ireland has published articles in refereed journals, the proceedings of leading international refereed conferences as well as chapters in books.

  • BOP Marketing, Islamic Marketing
  • An Exploration of the Networking Endeavours of Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan with Tahir and Waqar, Customer Tradeoffs Among Size, Quality and Price as Responses to Inflation
  • Ireland, John, (2018) “Just How Loyal are Islamic Banking Customers?”
  • International Journal of Bank Marketing, (May).