Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Khalil Al Hussaeni

Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Computing Sciences
Phone number:043712057


Khalil Al Hussaeni received his Ph.D. degree in 2017 from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. His doctoral thesis proposed efficient and scalable techniques for anonymizing high-dimensional data. His research interest goes under the umbrella of privacy-preserving data publishing. Particularly, his research targets anonymizing relational data, trajectories, data streams, and Big Data for various datamining tasks. He was a member of the Data Mining and Security Laboratory research team at McGill University and a research assistant in the Computer Security Laboratory at Concordia University. Dr. Al Hussaeni’s PhD thesis was ranked “Outstanding” (highest honor at the university level), and he was nominated for the Governor General's Gold Medal Award (most prestigious academic award across Canada). Dr. Al Hussaeni received his Master’s degree in Information Systems Security in 2009 from Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering, Concordia University, Canada. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Computing at RIT Dubai.

  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • M.A.Sc. in Information Systems Security
  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
  • Nominated for the Governor General's Gold Medal Award (2017)
  •  ○ Most prestigious academic award across Canada
  • PhD thesis ranked “Outstanding” (2017)
  •  ○ Highest honor at the university level
Data privacy, data anonymization, data mining, information security, scalable algorithms.
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