Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Nasih Osmanovic

Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Science and Liberal Arts
Phone number:043712024


Nasih Osmanovic has a bachelor’s degree from University of Sarajevo, and University of Riyadh, KSA, master degree from University of Sarajevo, Arabic Language and Literature, and PhD in Humanities & Education. He joined RIT, Dubai in 2015. Prior to joining RIT, Dubai, he taught in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, UAE. His research interests includes Arabic Language, Literature, Skills, and Arabic History & Education. He has published research papers in well-reputed scholarly international journals and presented at international conferences.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arabic – University of Riyadh, KSA.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language & Literature – University of Sarajevo
  • Master degree in Arabic Language & Literature – University of Sarajevo
  • Ph.D. in Humanities & Education – International University – BiH
  • Arabic Language, Arabic Literature, Education, Pedagogy, Arabic History, Sociology.
  • OSMANOVIC, N. “The Mechanism of the presentation the verbs in the teaching for non-native speakers, comparative study between Arabic Language and Slavic Languages (Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian Languages)”, III. International Istanbul Conference on the topic: "Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language - developing Arabic curricula in light of the analysis of foreign chains”, Istanbul, Turkey, August 2018.
  • OSMANOVIC, N.“The Impact of Smart Techology on Higher Education”,Sixth International Scientific Meeting, Current Problems in Higher Education, Brcko – Bosnia, April, 2018.(Full Paper Accepeted for Conference).
  • OSMANOVIC, N. IMSIRAGIC, A. & IMSIRAGIC, A. “ The role of education in children with special needs”, Professional scientific meeting with international participation, Valjevo – Serbia, May 2017.
  • OSMANOVIC, N. “Positive impact of religion on Education”, Work and Creation in the XXI Century: a collection of papers from an international meeting in European University Brcko District - BiH, April 2017. http://evropskiuniverzitet-brcko.com/02-ID/021-Zbornik2017-2.pdf
  • OSMANOVIC, N.“Contribution of Dr. Ahmad Smailovic to the Islamic Comunity of Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia & Herzegovina)”, Inovation in Education and Efficiency of Teaching; International School of Higher Education, Cazin – Bosnia, September 2016.