Webinar Synopsis: Energy provides the fundamental condition necessary for the evolution of civilization. Smart energy is the inevitable demand of civilization evolution. Intelligence forms the footstone for civilization and promotes energy optimization. Smart energy is a mix of human scientific and technical innovation, which is the fundamental power of exploring smart energy and core content of it. Smart energy systems process and manage main sources of energy (electrical, heat, and gas) integrated with intelligence tools to achieve an economical, efficient, resilient, and clean energy production and distribution. The corner stone of smart energy systems are smart grid which revolutionized the way electrical energy is produced, managed, and consumed. The penetration of renewable sources, electric vehicles, energy storage, smart meters, and other elements lead to a new paradigm of energy grids that changed the energy market and economy. In this seminar we will present and discuss evolvement of smart energy system, its drives, opportunities, and future. We will present some case studies and success stories of the transformation to smart energy and grid world.

Speaker Bio:

  • Works as professor of Electrical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai.

  • Holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona since 1986.

  • The first Emirati to receive a PhD in the field of Engineering.

  • Worked as Corporate Manager of Education and Technology at Dubai Silicon Oasis, (2006-2008) and Senior Manager of Science and Technology at UAE Emirates Foundation (2009-2011).

  • Developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering, conventional and renewable energy, control systems, power systems, and AI and Analytics.

  • Published over 110 technical research papers in refereed international and regional journals and conference proceedings. Among which one third in the field of energy and related issues.

  • Published three edited books in energy and related issues.

  • Received several awards and scholarships like the IEEE millennium award, UAE University College of Engineering community service award, Fulbright research scholarship, and Emirates Energy Award.


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