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Handshake is the place where students, career centers, and recruiters come to meet, talk, and share opportunities.

Easily find the best jobs and co-ops/internships.
Simple but powerful search tools and alerts help you find the best fit for jobs and internships posted by 300,000 companies, non-profits, and government organizations.

Show off your best self to employers
Quickly build out a rich profile that helps you stand out when employers search for students. Use our tips and examples to make it easy.

The most personalized experience
Handshake continually personalizes career recommendations based on your interests and connections, helping you discover exciting new opportunities.

Handshake helps over 300,000 top employers easily find, recruit and hire the best college talent
Engineers, Accountants, Artists, Developers, Marketers, Agronomists, Chemists. They’re all on Handshake.

Career Fairs, Networking Events, Company Meetups
There are many opportunities for students to hone their job search skills and connect with potential employers – it’s all listed in Handshake.

There is an App!
There is an app for students -- download Handshake Jobs & Careers today! Download Mobile to discover jobs for you. Find, favorite, and apply to jobs. Receive direct messages from employers and notification on job deadlines.

Handshake Helper

We'd like you to meet a "handy" little guy that will help with all of YOUR needs or questions related to Handshake! We'll be posting tips and info through our social media as well as adding them to this page.

  • How to Save Searches and Create Search Alerts! Take advantage of this feature if you actively or passively looking for a job! Visit the article for complete info about this on our Blog
  • Student Reviews. Handshake is now offering a new feature allowing students to view and review the various companies. Student Reviews allow students to tell their stories about their past internships that will be posted on to the company's profile page in Handshake.  Visit the Student Reviews article on our Blog for more information.

Getting Started

Ready to start using Handshake? Great! Once you log in with your RIT computer account credentials -- take these quick steps:

1. About logging in. Ideally, you should log in with your RIT Computer account and you will be taken directly to your profile. But, you can sign in with your email. Problem is it has to be your RIT email @rit.edu (not @g.rit.edu nor Hotmail nor Gmail, etc.) and you will get prompted to set up another password. If you don't use your @rit.edu email you will be in pending and unable to go further.

2. Once you’re on RIT's page, a good first step is to update your Profile (link on left-hand side of your Handshake page).
Some of your information will already be in your Handshake profile (this information would have been provided by RIT Office of Career Services, with support from the Registrar). 

  •  Check to be sure all pre-loaded information is correct. Pay especially close attention to your major and GPA (if included).  If you find an error in any of your profile data, contact RIT's Office of Career Services to correct it. (Note: Handshake is unable to change any of your profile data, so contacting your school is best.)
  •   Do you want employers to be able to view your profile? You’ll need to decide whether to make your profile public or private [Details]

A public profile, and most information in the profile can be seen by any employer on Handshake and by your Career Services Center. (Note: There are some Handshake profile components, like GPA, that have their own privacy settings. So you can make your profile public, but your GPA private, for example). Your profile can’t be seen by other students or by Career Services Centers at other schools.

If you make your profile private, it can only be seen by you and your school’s Career Services Center.  

You can switch your privacy status at any time, from private to public or from public to private.

The more information you add to your profile, the easier it will be for employers to find you and to make good decisions about whether or not you might be a good fit for their job postings.

3. Upload a document. You’ll likely want to have a public resume available in Handshake for employers (and the Office of Career Services team) to see. [Video]

4. Personalize Handshake. This is what makes Handshake so cool! If you select the “Personalize Handshake” button within the "Do what you love" box on the main page, you will be asked to respond to questions about your career interests, post-graduation plans and locations of interest.  This data will help the Handshake system suggest jobs and events of interest (similar to Spotify or Netflix recommendation lists.)

5. Take Handshake for a spin. Use the landing page, top search bar, and filters to look for companies and jobs you’re interested in learning more about or applying to. Remember, you can always save your searches in Handshake so finding relevant employers and jobs will be easy.

How to Search for a Co-op for a Specific Term

There are many ways to refine your job search. Here is the best way to find co-op jobs/internships for your major, that start a specific semester.

Start by clicking on Jobs and Internships then refine your search on the right-hand navigation bar:

Select your Major
Under Label – select View All then select the correct term

co-op - fall
co-op - spring
co-op - spring/summer
co-op - summer
co-op - summer/fall

We add this label to all reviewed co-op jobs. You can also search for jobs using Keyword, Employer Industry and Job Function. Click here for more details: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/articles/218693408-How-do-I-search-for-jobs-and-internships-

If you find an opportunity in Handshake that is not labeled "co-op - (term)", or even outside of Handshake, run it past your career services coordinator or department to approve it before you apply -- you want to make sure it will qualify as co-op. 

To learn more about Saved Searches read How do I save a search? Or you can watch 2 Minute Training: How to Save a Search

Getting Email Job Alerts

Get Email Alerts: To save a custom search and get alerts daily or weekly, once you have selected your job criteria and perform your search, on the top right side of the page, You will see a Get Email Alerts box. Look for the pencil icon, to edit the name of the search and to set how you wish to be notified and how often.

How to Upload a Transcript

Unofficial Transcripts are available in SIS. Store your most recent transcript in Handshake 'Documents' for use for applications that require a copy of your transcript. Most employers will accept unofficial transcripts initially.

Using Chrome* as your browser:

  • Go to SIS 'Student Center'
  • From 'other academic' drop-down select 'Transcript: View Unofficial'
  • From 'Report Type' drop-down select 'Unofficial Academic Transcript' hit 'View Report' button. (It will display in a new window in your browser).
  • Choose Print, change the printer to 'Adobe PDF', Save PDF File As, Save
  • Login to Handshake, go to My Profile/Documents and upload the PDF file you saved (label it with your Last Name - Transcript).

*Note: To avoid issues when saving your transcript from SIS make sure when you convert your transcript from SIS to PDF that it is not saving it as a "Secure PDF" which may not upload properly. We recommend Chrome as your browser - the print and save feature will give you a PDF without encryption. (Firefox does not have the same print and save feature)

Reporting Your Plans After Graduation: Handshake's First Destination Survey

If you are certified for graduation, you will start to receive emails and also access to RIT's First Destination Survey in Handshake. This captures data from you regarding your plans after graduation. Still seeking a job? Working for a company? Freelancing? Joining the Military -- all great data for us to have. And, for graduating students to see as well!

This will appear for you as a tile on the 'For You' page (the heading is "Where will your classmates be after graduation?" or a First Destination Survey link will be under 'Career Center" on the top navigation of the site.

Thank you, in advance, for completing the survey!

General Disclaimer

The Rochester Institute of Technology makes no representations or warranties regarding the opportunities listed on its website (Handshake), posting boards, print materials, links to outside websites, and other resources. It is not responsible for the wages, safety, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Students and alumni should take the necessary precautions when exploring and accepting career-related experience, employment or volunteer opportunities and assume all responsibility associated with these opportunities.

Knowledge is power--regardless of a job source, good to be aware of potential job & employment scams.