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What is the Professional Diploma in Innovation towards Smart Cities?

The diploma comprises of a series of modules related to the pillars of a smart city including economy, governance, ICT, environment, health, education, security, mobility and infrastructure and people. At the end of the diploma students will:

  • Understand the concept of "Smart Cities" and implement innovative projects related to smart cities.
  • Support world class “Smart City” projects in all participating organizations.
  • Work in synergy with city departments and private institutions to develop coordination, innovation and cooperation on “Smart Initiatives.”
  • Facilitate and create a network for the interaction of academia, industry and government institutions in the field of innovation in Smart City development.
  • Create and supervise innovative smart city projects with Public-Private Partnership (PPP).


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai

Program Modules & Timings

  • Four workshops - Three days each
  • Duration: Exact dates will be determined at a later stage upon participants’ feedback.

Workshop 01 
Creating the Future City

The objective of this workshop is to understand how to create urban value in future cities. Key questions will be answered:
1. What is the evolution of the cities?
2. What are the different types of cities in the world?
3. What is the model of a Smart Sustainable City?
4. What value can be created in a Smart Sustainable City?
5. What are the success Stories of Smart Cities?

Workshop 02 
Driving Human-Centered Innovation in a Smart City

The objective of this workshop is to learn the importance, dynamics and challenges of driving disruptive and human-centered innovation that deliver happiness to the citizens in a smart city. Key topics to be analyzed using innovation techniques, best practices and case studies:
1. Competitive Advantage through Disruptive Innovation
2. Human-Centered Design Principles for Innovation in a Smart City
3. Smart City as Innovation Ecosystems
4. Building Blocks Needed for a Mature Innovation System
5. Innovation in Government Services.

Workshop 03 
Digital Innovation and Technology Disruption

The objective of this workshop is to learn about digital transformation and the disruptive technologies in the context of the smart city. The workshop is divided into three parts: digital transformation from the business perspective, IT enablement industry impacts of technological innovation such as big data, analytics and IoT. The customer experience from the business perspective. In addition, based on the three parts we explain how transform a smart city to a digital city. The learning outcomes from this workshop are:

  1. Understand digital business strategy
  2. What digital capabilities do you most need to focus on?
  3. How can you derive value from business complexity while keeping that complexity manageable?
  4. Understand how big data and analytics can be used for innovation and for smarter decision-making
  5. What are the common missteps leaders make when creating a digital transformation strategy?
  6. Who should be involved in the digital transformation process?
  7. What are the practical steps to starting a digital transformation project?
  8. What roles do innovation, technology and marketing play in digital transformation?
  9. How do we best measure our transformation progress?

Workshop 04 
From Vertical to Integrated management

The objective of this workshop is to understand the challenges in vertical urban departments; and how integration through a “smart sustainable city” strategy could create value innovation in the urban environment. Key verticals will be analyzed, including:
1. Mobility
2. Security
3. Water and waste management
4. Energy
5. Sustainability
6. Environment
7. Governance
8. Economy
9. Others

Final Assessment

Participants to present their smart and innovate projects proposing “value creation projects” across city departments.