The RIT Dubai Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services is driven by a simple mission: to provide effective, high-quality services to RIT students and alumni,  empowering and supporting them in the achievement of their experiential learning, career and employment goals.  

What is Co-op?

Cooperative Education, or co-op, gives you the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience before you graduate! It will help you further define your career path and fully realize the value of what you are learning in the classroom. 

Co-op is the best way for you to immerse yourself in the real world and apply what you’re learning and experiencing while at RIT Dubai.

Cooperative education is a unique kind of education. It is different from summer employment, and different from an internship. Co-op employment...

  • is related to your field of study
  • is full-time, productive work
  • is paid 
  • increases in complexity and challenge according to your academic level
  • includes formal evaluation and documentation of your performance

Co-op gives you the opportunity to:

  • Apply much of the theory you are learning in your course work
  • Experience a typical work day and focus your career choice
  • Earn a reasonable salary which will help you finance your education
  • Take a breather away from your "grind" as a student
  • Develop additional technical skills and enhance vital personal skills such as judgment, written and oral communication, teamwork
  • Make contacts (network) that may be helpful when you seek full-time employment
  • Be a more attractive candidate for full-time employment after graduation and probably obtain a higher starting salary than students without co-op experience




What's it like to do a co-operative internship placement during an RIT Dubai program? Find out here as we talk to two students on placement with state-of-the-art technology company Fractal Systems.