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Materials Science Lab

Materials Science Lab

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Materials Science Lab

The Materials Science Laboratory is primarily used by the Mechanical Engineering students to support relevant courses and research activities. The Material Science laboratory consists of equipment such as destructive tensile testing, hardness testing, creep testing, impact testing, metallographic specimen preparation and microscopic examination etc. The experiments are designed to support theoretical concepts taken by the students in the lecture sessions. The students will learn the procedure of measurement, software used in data acquisition, and familiarity with the practical apparatus. 

The lab includes experiments that serve in a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses, such as MECE 305 Materials Science with Applications, MECE 306 Materials Science with Applications Laboratory, and other related courses.

Besides supporting undergraduate students in their course work, the laboratory is also utilized to support graduate students working on their Masters projects and/or theses in the Material Sciences concentration area.

A Tensile Tester

A tensile tester is also known as a pull tester or universal testing machine (UTM), is an electromechanical test system that applies a tensile force (pull force) to a material to determine its strength and deformation behavior until break.

Creep Testing Machine

This machine measures the alteration of a material after it has undergone stress. The machines are to determine the stability and behavior of a material when put through ordinary stresses, to determine how much strain (load) an object can handle under pressure.

Impact Testing Machines

This machine evaluates an object's capacity to withstand high-rate loading and it is commonly used to determine the service life of a part or material.

A Metallurgical Cut-off Machine

This is typically used to cut hard materials, such as metals, tile, and concrete. It is designed with the handle and motor near the operator.

Belt Surface Grinding Machine

Used as an abrasive machine used on metals and other materials. It is typically used as a finishing process in the industry. A belt, coated in abrasive material, is run over the surface to be processed in.

Metallurgical Mounting Machine

Used to encapsulate specimens of metal, ceramic or other material with a mounting compound to allow grinding, polishing, and other sample preparation for analysis using microscopes, hardness testers or spectrometers.

Surface Polishing Machine

This is a professional power tool with abrasive accessories, that serves as a material polish machine, for surface finishing on a wide range of material types.

Optical Microscope

This machine commonly uses visible light and a system of lenses to generate magnified images of small objects.