The LINK: Female Empowerment in the UAE

RIT Dubai is proud to announce a partnership with The LINK, a non-profit UAE initiativecurrently in the process of being registered as an organizationthat will provide an active community platform where career women can find support to advance professionally and to share workplace challenges. The LINK aims to empower women through learning &developmental initiatives, nurturing female talent and strengthening their leadership capacity. Ultimately, The LINK’s vision is to create more inspiring women.

All around the world, women are struggling to get ahead professionally, especially when trying to make it to senior positions. A report from the Global Gender Gap says that only 17% of top level positions are held by women. Research done by PwC and the Dubai Women’s Establishment found there to be three main causes: a lack of confidence, a lack of role models, and a lack of mentoring.

The LINK offers two services to meet this need: a mentor matching program that connects graduating female university students and youngprofessional women in their first job with a seniorcareer woman with +15 years of work experience. The other is monthly gatherings that enable the exchange of information beyond the scope of one-to-one mentorships and foster a sense of community. The LINK has a robust process for making the best match between mentor and mentee. Specific criteria are defined within their submitted profiles allowing an ideal pairing to be identified.We are all about personal development in a professional context.The services will be provided for free to any woman who participates. 

There are lots benefits of being a mentee, which include getting support and career guidance from an experienced professional woman, benefitting from professional growth, and networking with fellow mentees and mentors. Research from Sun Microsystems also shows that employees who have mentors get promoted 5 times more often than people who don’t have mentors. There are also many benefits to being a mentor, such as giving back to the community by helping develop the next generation of women, further enhancing your leadership skills, and learning from your mentee.

The LINK has recently secured a partnership withThe Dubai Business Women’s Counsel, with Mrs. Raja Al Grug becoming the chairperson of The LINK advisory board.RIT Dubai is the sole academic knowledge partner of The LINK.

If you’re looking to become a mentee, apply today! This is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced professional as you embark on your career. The importance of a mentor can’t be overstated. Just come read the testimonials on our website! And if you’re an experienced woman looking to give back to the community by helping other women at the start of their careers, we implore you to apply to become a mentor. You might be just the right person to assist a woman at the start of their career. 

The LINK is currently accepting applications for mentors and mentees, but hurry, spots for each cohort intake are limited! Join The LINK to empower women. Mentees apply at this link:
Mentors apply at this link:
Contact us at for more information, or go to our website at