Research Policy

RIT Dubai developed a 5 year  strategy to build the institutional research infrastructure, accelerate global competitiveness in a select few relevant areas, expand  and  increase the external funding base, and promote partnerships between RIT, RIT New York, other campuses of RIT, other universities and the industry. RIT Dubai guarantees global competitiveness of faculty research by coordinating the proposal review process with RIT New York and other universities worldwide. Furthermore, RIT Dubai aims at solving problems of regional significance via the creation of multi-disciplinary research Centers that draw upon the expertise of RIT Dubai faculty and external collaborators. Internal research funding, extramural research funding, institutional review and the ethical conduct of research are major pillars that are created and reviewed continuously.

Research Centers

At this stage RIT Dubai has established two research centers that carry research and development projects relevant to the needs of the local community and in partnership with local and international partners.

Energy & Sustainability Center

A research facility that would start work on the area of sustainability and renewable energy is being built. This facility is used by faculty across disciplines. The activities of the group build on the Alternative Energy and Sustainability concentration of the Master of Engineering degree-program at the University, and focus on sustainability and energy efficiency aspects of interest in Dubai and the UAE. The necessary paradigm shift in the sources of the energy we use and how we use it represents a truly global challenge, and our group, part of the worldwide network of expertise that Rochester Institute of Technology embodies and represents, is uniquely positioned to accept this challenge. 
We are currently working on projects aimed at reducing the energy signature of the Dubai build environment. Where investigating the implementation of alternative energy technology into the building envelope and in extreme climates. We also study water conservation and present public sustainability information. Furthermore, we are interested in the study of the rapidly growing field of E Mobility and its deployment in the region. 
Our partners include EMAL (www.emal.com), Emirates Green Building Council, Al-Mulk Holding, and Gulf Aluminum Council.
EMAL and the Gulf Aluminum Council have approved the sponsorship of RIT Dubai organized international Symposium on Sustainable Energy: Aluminum sector. This conference is part of RIT Dubai’s strategy to enhance research and innovation in one of the main areas that is identified for RIT Dubai which is Energy and sustainability. 
Our aim is to work and collaborate with industry and government entities to truly address national and regional relevant issues, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mechatronics Center

RIT Dubai and Fractal Systems (www.fractal.ae) combined their efforts to establish the mechatronics Center. Experts from both organizations will jointly conduct development and research projects based on the needs of the community.

The current projects that are investigated are:

Connect to RIT and RIT Dubai Researchers

Research programs at RIT and RIT Dubai are experiencing significant growth through the cultivation and expansion of mutually beneficial relationships with industry and government partners. Research Relations helps to expand these research activities by pairing industry needs with RIT's research expertise. We work directly with companies and faculty members to connect research interests.
Partnering with a university offers a unique opportunity to conduct research or address a specific company issue. When you work with RIT, you have access to a wealth of outstanding intellectual talent and creativity, along with state-of-the-art labs and facilities. This powerful combination offers a cost-effective solution to cultivating new technologies and new ideas for business, products, and services.
Conducting research with RIT is different. To encourage collaboration, our research agreements are simple and straightforward. We offer a portfolio of options to facilitate research collaborations based on the needs of the project. 
Interested in learning how RIT can help you address a research need or challenge? Let's start a conversation.