Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai is hosting a Demo Day dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to showcase their innovations and connect with the technical and financial resources they need to take their ideas forward. The event, organized by 24SIX9 Startup Studio, will take place in the University’s Innovation Center at its campus in Dubai Silicon Oasis on Tuesday November 29th, from 1pm.

The Demo Day will offer entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch and demonstrate their ideas and innovations to an international audience comprised of investors, subject matter experts, and corporate venture builders and partners. The goal is to inspire the next wave of innovation and foster a strong spirit of entrepreneurship in younger generations.  

Innovators pitching at the Demo Day will have a chance to get feedback, exposure, request support, recruit team members, and unlock a range of resources, from investment, access to cutting-edge tech, incorporation and legal support, and mentorship, as well as unparalleled networking opportunities with potential partners and experts in the field. Investors and corporate partners joining the event will get access to high-caliber startups both locally and globally.  

The event is being staged through a collaboration between RIT Dubai and the innovation ecosystem, 24SIX9 Startup Studio, which was established by tech infrastructure company, AHOY. Through the Startup Studio, AHOY aims to challenge norms and nurture unconventional pioneers whose disruptive visions can redraw technology landscapes and affect change, not only regionally, but across the globe. The Demo Day intends to provide student and faculty innovators with the networking, resources, and exposure required to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Revealing the thinking behind the initiative, Jamil Shinawi, CEO & Co-founder of 24SIX9 Startup Studio said, “24SIX9 is spearheaded by serial entrepreneurs who know all too well about the pitfalls and traps of the start-up life cycle. The lows and the highs have all been experienced many times over and after making it, they aim to give back to the community and be a compass to whoever needs it.” 

He continued, “The next generation of entrepreneurs have a unique perspective that gives them an edge to uncover unfathomable solutions. Our aim is to empower them with the required resources and support, to ensure they get the traction and prospects that make them desirable to invest in and promote their chances of success.” 

Speaking about the collaboration with 24SIX9, RIT Dubai President, Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf, said, “RIT Dubai is creating an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship through both education and practical application. Staging this event with 24SIX9 provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the university community and beyond to showcase their ideas and make important connections that will help them progress with their innovations. We also hope that other students will take inspiration from these innovators and feel empowered to prepare for their own future entrepreneurial endeavours.”

In addition to business pitches, the event will also feature talks from fields experts, and provide opportunities for students, innovators, and entrepreneurs to network with leaders in the region’s enterprise ecosystem. 

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