Oct 16th 2018- RIT University in Dubai has signed an MOU with DGWorld to develop an educational and academic  platform and come up with the 1st AI and Robotics lab to support  the innovation, visionary and futuristic plans of Dubai. The areas this MOU will concentrate on are Cooperative Education – internship for RIT Students, Eransfer of knowledge and knowhow, Education ( academic and executive development programs), Consultancy and Research.

“RIT University In Dubai is honored to sign this MOU with DGWORLD. The aim of this MOU is to open up various fields of collaborations in education, development, research and cooperative training in the fields of Robotics, digitization and AI. We look forward to building a long lasting cooperative relationship and we believe that DGWORLD will be a strategic partner in supporting us with implementing plans that serve the futuristic vision of Dubai in being a leader in digitalization and smart technology” commented Dr Yousef Al Assaf President of RIT University in Dubai

Mr Billal AL Hattab, CEO of DGWorld also stated:

“DGWorld  in partnership with RIT University in Dubai came up with the concept to build Robotics Laboratory to provide the knowledge of the know-how of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Autonomous in the field of engineering and undergraduate and graduate Academic programs. We are honoured to sign this agreement, and with the vison of Brighter future we are always supporting Academic sector. DGWorld will Support RIT University in Dubai by Providing Educational robotics Systems and training Cells  in order to transfer the knowledge of our Under Development Projects and technologies to RIT Smart lab Users.  DGWorld is always aiming to match with Dubai Government’s Vision and to upscale the concept of the Smart-Innovative cities.”